Instagram is currently exploring an intriguing feature, extending the maximum length of Reels from three minutes to a significant 10 minutes, to remain competitive in the constantly changing social media landscape. This change occurs as Instagram tries to compete with the long-form video material that has succeeded on websites like TikTok and YouTube.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known developer known for his talent at reverse engineering apps and finding early versions of upcoming updates, was responsible for bringing this prospective change to light.

The time limit for Reels, a feature that has grown essential to the Instagram and Facebook experience, may be extended, according to screenshots posted by Paluzzi. Reels can only now contain three minutes of content. These screenshots, however, suggest a move towards longer-form material, giving authors more time to interact with their audience.

Instagram confirmed the ongoing testing of this extended Reels feature to TechCrunch. The company clarified that Paluzzi’s screenshots represent an “internal prototype” and emphasized that they are not testing this capability externally. This cautious approach suggests that Instagram is carefully evaluating the potential impact of this change.

The question that must be answered is whether this expanded video format will revolutionize the industry or merely serve as another tool in the makers’ toolbox with little user appeal. Without a doubt, short-form Reels have grown to be a substantial component of the Facebook and Instagram ecosystems. Instagram’s task will be to balance satisfying content providers’ requests for longer posts and maintaining user engagement.

Longer films have an undeniable charm, but it’s still being determined whether people will accept them thoroughly, especially given how predominant the short-form trend has been. More extended video possibilities may become more popular as social media platforms develop before the next excellent short-form craze catches everyone’s attention.