Villains are like salt to the dish called Bollywood! Bollywood has some of the best villains whose evilness has witnessed to crawl skins and curses of millions. 

In this blog, we will discuss some loathsome yet iconic villains of Bollywood whom we can never get over!

10 Most Remarkable Iconic Bollywood Villains 

#1 Gabbar Singh (Sholay, 1975)

Even after all these four decades, these dialogues — “Areh O Samba, Kitne Aadmi They?” and “Ye Haath Mujhe De De Thakur,” one more — “Soja Warna Gabbar Aa Jayega” from Sholay are still ringing in our ears! Villains will come and go, but Gabbar Singh, played by Amjad Khan, will always remain in our hearts. 

#2 Mogambo (Mr. India, 1987)

Amrish Puri’s catchphrase from his iconic role, Mogambo — “Mogambo khush hua” still creeps us out with the audacity in the voice and tone. He was a worthy villain for Anil Kapoor’s Mr. India.

#3 Shakaal (Shaan, 1980)

Shakaal is the Katappa from the 70s; just kidding! This bald guy with crocodiles on his sides could give nightmares to any child. The character got praise even more than the movie itself. 

#4 Kancha Cheena (Agneepath, 1990) (Agneepath, 2012)

The villain of the older version of Agneepath was played by the most handsome villain in the industry, then — Danny Denzongpa, as Kancha Cheena. The guy is still praised today, from the mafia-perfect costume to a slew of power-packed dialogues.

When speaking of Kancha Cheena, Sanjay Dutt from the latest version of Agneepath aced the role, too, with his loathsome characteristic in the role. In fact, Dutt’s makeup & physique backed the despicable character he was portraying.

#5 Ranjeet (Amir Garib 1974)

This was whom women were petrified of! Ranjit Bedi used to be the serial molester in the industry (onscreen, of course). His role in Amir Garib was named Ranjeet, too, where he is a scheming & perverse villain with only ill intentions to his credit.

#6 Prem (Bobby, 1973)

“Prem Naam Hai Mera, Prem Chopra!” accompanied by a malicious and nasty smile. Remember him? His intimidating dialogues set the bar high for the other actors set to play the villains on the screen.

#7 Gokul Pandit (Dushman, 1998)

Gokul Pandit was the terrifying serial killer and rapist in the 90s movie Dushman. After all these years, the character is still considered to be the brilliant and best performance of Ashutosh Rana. 

#8 Ramadhir Singh (Gangs of Wasseypur, 2012)

All hands up! This Tigmanshu Dhulia guy took the whole movie by storm with his cunning and did not give a $h!t character — Ramadhir Singh. However, the character is known to be inspired by a real one. 

#9 Karan Rastogi (Mardaani, 2014)

It was Tahir Raj Bhasin’s Bollywood debut, where he performed that sometimes even seasoned actors fail to deliver. Besides his acting, many of us still can’t get over his looks.

#10 Makdee (Makdee, 2002)

Many of us must have peed our pants after getting the first glimpse of Shabana Azmi as Makdee. Do you still remember the scene when Chunni spotted Makdee swinging outside her class window?