Instagram isn’t just for teenagers, as a few senior citizens demonstrate. From cooking to dancing, fashion to sex education, these elderly influencers are shattering stereotypes and ushering in a new era on the platform.

Here are our top 6 senior citizen influencers who are showing us that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams:

Seema Anand (@seemaanandstorytelling)


Through her Instagram account, mythologist Seema Anand, 61, challenges physical intimacy stereotypes. She shares her thoughts on sex, virginity, and pleasure, educating her followers in a simple and interactive manner.

Her reels frequently debunk several myths surrounding the taboo subject of sex, and she encourages people to unlearn and let go of their misconceptions. She also discusses how older people can have a fulfilling sexual life.

Manjri Varde (@manjrivarde)


Manjiri Varde, also known as the ‘sassy saasu’ on the internet, is a professional artist. She creates amusing videos about breaking stereotypes about the relationship between mothers and daughters-in-law with her daughter-in-law actor Sameera Reddy.

She is also a self-taught artist and designer with her own label, Samanjri, which promotes wearable art and features calligraphies as well as poetic chants and verses.

Varde has a distinct style, often dressed in colourful sarees and scarves designed by herself. Even at the age of 66, she is a YouTube sensation thanks to her videos about art, fun, and cooking with her daughter-in-law.

Yashpal Singh & Shanta Verma (@mr._and_mrs._verma)


Mr. and Mrs. Verma, who live in Kalka, Haryana, are much older than the average Indian social media influencer, but their adorable videos have made them an internet sensation at the ages of 82 and 76.

Jonita, their granddaughter, was the one who encouraged them to show off their abilities. She set up an Instagram account and began posting videos of her grandfather, Yashpal Singh Verma, dancing. Shanta Verma, his wife, soon joined him.

Mr and Mrs Verma continue to entertain their nearly 70,000 followers with their trendy reels and fashion sense.

Shanthi Ramachandran (@shaanthram)


Shanthi Ramachandran, a retired banker-turned-Instagram food influencer, began her social media career in 2015. Her daughter insisted she set up an Instagram account to showcase her recipes, cooking tips, and so on.

Shanthi’s simple and authentic Indian dishes — thokku, sambar, rasam, one pot rajma, and so on — quickly gained popularity online.

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Ravi Bala Sharma (@ravi.bala.sharma)


Ravi Bala Sharma, also known as the “dancing dadi,” continues to dance in her 60s. Her elegant reels show her dancing and grooving to songs with such energy that it would make anyone smile.

Her late husband was the one who always encouraged her to pursue her long-forgotten passion for dancing. When he was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, he wished to see her perform on stage. Unfortunately, he died before he could witness this. Ravi decided to channel her grief into her other love in order to eventually pull herself out of her trauma.

Her Instagram adventure started in 2020, when her son posted a video of her dancing. Recognition quickly followed, and she has amassed a heavy following.

Kalpana Rao (kalpanarao_official)


An ex-Citibanker who started a business, ran a retail business for 24 years, and then, at the age of 55, switched careers to become a full-time actor in Bombay. Besides acting, She is a motivational speaker too. She shares her inspirational videos online. 

Kalpana has gained a variety of experiences. And based on those experiences, she is confident that your dedication to doing what you do will lead to success even after numerous failures.