If you are a dog lover, you know how much joy and comfort a furry friend can bring to your life. And if you are a fan of shitzus, the adorable breed that looks like mini lions, you are in for a treat. Thanks to social media, especially Instagram’s, you can follow some of the most cute and charming shitzus on the internet. They have thousands of followers who love to watch their videos and photos, where they show off their personality and style. Whether they are playing with toys, dressing up, or napping, these shitzus will make you smile every time you see them on your feed.

Here are the top 4 insta-famous shitzu pups that will brighten up your day:

1) Akasha (@loveakasha)

Meet Akasha, a stunning black shihtzu who loves her toys more than anything. She is always ready to pose for the camera with her new accessories and outfits. She has a captivating smile that will melt your heart. She has 6,343 followers on instagram who adore her cute and stylish photos and videos.

2) Koki (@kokistateofmind)

Koki is a rescue pup who has found his forever home with his two loving dads. He is a happy and playful shihtzu who enjoys showing off his life on instagram. He has an old soul and a bright smile. He likes to wear different clothes and accessories. He has 24.8k followers on instagram who love his funny and adorable posts.

3) Jazzy (@shihtzujazz) 

Jazzy is a cross-eyed shihtzu who is full of excitement and drama. She is the chief entertainment officer of Fluff & Stuff and has many hobbies, such as treats and sleep. She is very expressive and likes to make funny faces. She has 43.1k followers on instagram who enjoy her hilarious and cute posts.

4) Puchi (@fabulous_shihtzu)

Puchi is a black and white shihtzu who is a little spoiled diva. She loves to flaunt her new clothes and accessories and express her feelings through her facial expressions. She is addicted to her afternoon nap and loves to cuddle. She has 42.4k followers on instagram who admire her beauty and charm.

5) Milo (@milotheshihtzu)

Milo is a brown and white pup who loves to travel and explore new places. He has 11.4k followers on instagram, and his Instagram feed is full of his amazing adventures and beautiful scenery. He is very friendly and playful and always ready for a new challenge.

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