Worship Khanna, the renowned actor honoured with the prestigious “Dada Saheb Phalke” award in June 2023, recently shared insights into his upcoming projects and experiences in an exclusive interview with Creator Sphere.

In the interview, Worship discussed his current endeavours. Stating that he is currently in Mumbai and is all set to fly to Dubai in a couple of days. He is supposed to shoot a web series alongside Rakesh Bapat and Priya Jethani. The series marks Jethani’s debut as an actor, and Worship expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work with her.

Reflecting on his birthday celebration in Dubai, Worship shared that the crew surprised him at midnight. And they celebrated his birthday together. Speaking about his bond with co-stars, Worship expressed joy in working with Rakesh Bapat and Priya Jethani. While he refrained from revealing the director’s name, he hinted at it being a significant surprise for the audience.

When asked about his character and first look in the series, Worship teased that he would share details about his first look once he got permission. He also revealed that the role is challenging and unlike anything he has done in his entire career.

Reflecting on his recent success, Worship acknowledged life’s unpredictability, stating that he got a chance to do an international project, which will be released worldwide. He added that it’s all about destiny and that he hasn’t put any particular effort into this project.

In the same interview, Worship emphasized resilience and optimism, stating, “As an actor, I never gave up. It’s the journey of an actor – be optimistic, positive, and strong. Even before I entered this industry, I heard you can become a star by phone. Now, when things are happening, it feels like a dream.”

Worship concluded the interview by expressing his joy in working with Pakistani actors and directors, highlighting the camaraderie among the team. “They are my best friends now. Our thoughts and ideas are one, despite language differences. It’s a beautiful experience.”

As Worship Khanna continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, fans eagerly await the release of his upcoming projects, anticipating the actor’s remarkable performances on both national and international screens.