Shital Dhariwal is a well-known travel and food blogger and influencer who recently won the title of Mrs. India Social Media Queen at the esteemed Mrs. India Queen International pageant. In a recent interview with Creator Sphere, she shared insights into her journey, highlighting the importance of self-confidence, family support, and the unique experience of gracing the Bombay Times Fashion Week ramp.

Shital emphasized the power of positivity when asked about boosting her self-confidence. “I prefer staying positive and always telling myself that yes, I can do it. These simple affirmations contribute to my self-confidence,” she said.

Family support has played a crucial role in Shital’s career, especially from her husband. “Family support is really important for me and my career. They are the true supporters, and my husband’s support is beyond words. At every step, he has supported me and encouraged me to forge ahead in life and my career,” she stated.

Shital described her experience on the Bombay Times Fashion Week ramp as a dream come true. “The emotions were like being on top when such a dream materializes, especially when it’s one you hadn’t even dared to envision,” she shared.

Being addressed as Mrs. holds profound significance for Shital. “I feel blessed to be addressed as Mrs. This title has given me confidence in life, and it positively impacts me in every way,” she asserted. Her sense of privilege resonates with the strength and confidence she exudes in both her personal and professional life.

When asked about advice for social media influencers who are also mothers, Shital emphasized the importance of balance. “Balancing between both roles is crucial. As a mother and influencer, I keep my personal and professional life completely separate. Trust me, I am enjoying both roles with ease,” she advised.

Shital Dhariwal’s journey highlights the impact of positivity and strong family support. Her success stems from balancing personal and professional life effectively.

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