Twitter has announced that it will share a portion of its advertising revenue with select content creators on the platform. The revenue will be generated from ads displayed in the replies of the creators’ posts. To be eligible, the creators must be verified users with at least 5 million impressions on their posts in each of the last 3 months and have a Stripe payment account.

This move is aimed at attracting more content creators to the platform. Earlier this year, Twitter allowed users to offer paid subscriptions to their content on the platform.

Elon Musk, who bought Twitter last October, has previously stated that the company will pass on the entire subscription revenue to creators in the first year, excluding payment gateway charges.

The new revenue sharing model is expected to further incentivize content creators to join the platform and create engaging content.

According to Twitter, the revenue sharing program will be available globally to creators who meet the eligibility requirements.

The company has also made it easy for eligible users to join and set up payments from within the Monetization section of the app.

This marks the first time Twitter will be directly monetizing its creators, and it is a significant step towards making the platform more attractive to content creators. With this move, Twitter is hoping to compete with other social media platforms that have already implemented similar revenue-sharing models.