WhatsApp has launched a new feature called “Secret Code for Chat Lock” to provide an additional layer of privacy to its users. This feature is an extension of the existing “Chat Lock” feature that was rolled out earlier in 2023 to help people protect their more sensitive conversations.

With the Secret Code feature, users can now set a unique password different from what they use to unlock their phone to give their locked chats an extra layer of privacy. This additional way to protect those chats makes it harder to find if someone has access to your phone or you share a phone with someone else.

Users will have the option to hide the Locked Chats folder from their chat list so that they can only be discovered by typing their secret code in the search bar. If that doesn’t suit their needs, they can still choose to have them appear in their chat list. Whenever there’s a new chat which they want to lock, they can now long press to lock it rather than visiting the chat’s settings.

The Secret Code feature is designed to provide an additional layer of protection to sensitive conversations and ensure that even if someone unlocks your device, they cannot access your most private conversations without the corresponding secret code. The feature starts rolling out today and will be available globally in the coming months.