Instagram is testing a feature for users to share collections of posts on their profiles. This could increase visibility and engagement with other users. The aim is to help users curate and showcase specific sets of content more effectively.

According to app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, who posted screenshots of the feature on Twitter, Instagram’s public collections option would enable users to showcase their interests, such as celebrities, books, or movies, on their profile page. Any visitor would then be able to view the collections in the app and follow the user if they found them appealing.

The function is an expansion of Instagram’s collaborative collections feature, which was introduced in March and allows users to initiate private conversations based on posts and add new posts to the dialogue. Like the public collections function but with a more personalized focus, the objective is to use postings as a catalyst for increased user involvement.

The functionality isn’t yet prepared for a public release, though. Based on Paluzzi’s tweets, Instagram has been working on it since September. When the feature will be made available to all users is unknown, as is whether brand profiles will be able to use it.

Users may find the public collections function to be a helpful means of expressing their individuality and making connections with other like-minded users on the network. Additionally, it might be a useful tool for firms to promote their goods and draw in additional followers.

On the other side, Instagram has been attempting to prevent having the feature make the profile page more cluttered and overpowering. The following tab and the IGTV button are two examples of features that have been removed from the platform in an effort to simplify its design.

Since Instagram hasn’t made the public collections feature official yet, it could be changed or removed before it’s available to the general public. We’ll have to wait and watch to see whether Instagram chooses to implement the functionality and how the user experience will change.