Our Story

We started as a small group of friends with a passion for social media. We wanted to help other creators and influencers achieve their dreams. We saw a gap in the market for a platform that was affordable and complete. That’s why we started Creator Sphere. We made content creation easy, fun, and a breeze. We are Creator Sphere, the ultimate hub for Influencers & Digital Creators. We are not just a platform. We are a community of people who share a vision: to sculpt success with you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the ultimate hub for influencers and digital creators to shine. We want to showcase your achievements on our website and give you a social media megaphone.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a community of like-minded people who support each other and celebrate each other’s success. At Creator Sphere, we envision a world where talent is empowered, creativity knows no bounds, and every influencer's unique voice can make a lasting impact. Our vision is to be the catalyst for this transformation, creating a harmonious bridge between talent and opportunity.

Kaunteya Basu

Founder & CEO

Khushi Mondal

Co-founder & CMO

Akanksha Pandey

Co-founder & Editor-in-chief

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